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Why use a MAG consultant?
  • MAG provides Telecommunications solutions for the multifamily apartment industry. We focus on expert Telecom and Cable Contract Negotiation and Telecom Audit solutions to portfolios of any size. Our relationship throughout the country with various carriers and service providers ensures the most money for your expenditures.
  • Our loyalty lies with our clients
What if I'm In the Middle or End of My Contract?

MAG can provide you with immediate savings on your mid-term telecom contract. Mid-term contract negotiations will impact your long term savings on one of your largest cost of doing business, Telecommunications. This will usually take six to eight weeks to accomplish.

How do your Clients Pay for Negotiated Telecommunications Contracts?

Clients pay MAG a percentage of realized savings from the Contract Negotiation. Our services are contingency-based fees.

My Company Needs to Move Fast, But We Don't Want to Sacrifice Our Agreement's Quality, Can You Help?

Yes, we recognize and streamline our negotiation process while providing your company with consistent and quality agreements.

What if my company wants to negotiate our own agreements, can you still help us?

Yes, we are here to help every company succeed! We can offer advice and suggestions with your telecom and cable negotiations.

Can You Help Me if I am Having Communication Issues With my Telecom Vendors?

Yes, outsourcing communication issues will save you time and money. Let our Telecom Team help you resolve relocation, change of terms, add-on services and other communication issues.

Did You Know

Companies usually think they are receiving high marketing and revenue fees, when in fact they could get be obtaining more money and time by working with a consultant.

  • An estimated 80% of the billing errors that occur, typically favor carriers
  • MAG's complimentary, no-charge audit requires no staff resources and are completed off site with no obligations
  • You could save up to 15% on Telecom Costs after a MAG audit
  • Telecommunications and network services are usually the third largest operating expense for most companies


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